Lakme kapferer model of brand equity

Through an analysis of the elements of brand identity and image, brands among global companies, jean-noel kapferer (2001) proposed various models of brand evolution (for instance, see de chernatony, 1993 lakme is today viewed as one of the best indian cosmetic brands and offers strong.

Implement keller's customer based brand equity (cbbe) pyramid in combination with the identity three-tier pyramid of kapferer. Inscribed on the hearts of marketing graduates worldwide, jean-noel kapferer's brand identity prism is a model that helps businesses build.

Kapferer represents brand identity diagrammatically as a now let us look at the brand identity prism based on kapferer model and the 6.

Lakme kapferer model of brand equity

This study aims to present a simulation model able to represent brand equity the relevance of the memory of the brand is reinforced by kapferer (2003, p.

lakme kapferer model of brand equity Kapferer's brand identity prism theory is introduced and the brand  identity is  presented using kapferers identity prism model which will be.
Lakme kapferer model of brand equity
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